Distortion Update: Facebook Dictionary

If you read my first piece posted on this site, you will remember that I presented the idea that massive organisations like Apple and Facebook are driving social change. In that post, I discussed semiotics, or the interpretation of signs and imagery. Today, an article was posted on Mashable¬†(“leading source for news, information & resources for the ‘Connected Generation’ “)¬†entitled 10 Facebook-Coined Terms That Changed the English Language.

Terms including ‘friend’ and ‘poke’ have taken on additional meanings, albeit hardly any different to what you’d find in the Oxford Dictionary. ‘Friend’ has become a verb meaning to connect, i.e. I decided not to friend him. A ‘poke’ is closest to a declaration of one’s existence. Then there’s ‘stalking’. A slightly more innocent version of the dictionary definition. Or is it?


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